Sandy beige, cold brew hair, hair strobing or so many hair color styles come and go but the balayage is always in trend. Balayage black hair Read More Sandy beige, cold brew hair, hair strobing or so many hair color styles come and go but the balayage is always in trend. Balayage is the classic hairstyle for all types of hair that gives them life and dimension to your lifeless hair. It not only highlights your hair but also transform your entire look. Highlighting the hair are one of the hottest trends because it gives you an alluring and sexy look. The best thing about the balayage is it gives the cute and gorgeous look to the girls. Balayage is the best hair color technique if you are a newbie in the hair color world. It will give you a bold and stunning look and they are easy to maintain. Here are some stunning looks for black hair balayage. Before applying the balayage you need to be prepared yourself for this. Wear gloves in your hand and apply vaseline onto your ears, neck, forehead to avoid skin staining. Mix the colors according to the instruction of the given on the kit of balayage. Cover your shoulder with the towel. Clip the crown section of the hair and first color the bottom part of your hair. Apply the color to the bottom of the hair and also on the length by using the color brush. Gently apply the more color at the bottom of the higher part of the body. Repeat this process until it has done all your hair. Then unclip the crown and repeat the same coloring process. when you gently color the hair let it dry for some time. Then rinse your hair with shampoo and go with conditioner. Dry your and style according to you. But if you are never color your hair before then take help with your experience or professional friend. The black hair with the blonde highlights can add an instant glow to your complexion and give you a stunning look. This look is best for those people who want a lighter shade but do not want to cover all hair. It will highlight your personality and give you a glamorous look. The chocolate lowlights can be bled with the hazelnut highlights and it will look amazing. This is perfect for those women who have beautiful black hair. This is the best and most creative look that style the balayage artists. This bold and beautiful look and fall you in love with it. Playing with a natural black color with hot red wine color can give you a bold, sexy and mysterious look. This hair color has come in the trend of years ago. When this smoothes grey color comes across on your black hair can give you a stunning look with your toned skin. It will give you a cool and pretty look.   Balayage black hair Read More Source: Free Articles from I am a Blogger