This article sets out to show the importance of detoxing our bodies once in a while to get rid of accumulated toxins in order to repair our bodies metabolic function and boost metabolism as well as effective detox diets to achieve this. Detoxing our body first is one of the most important things which we need to do before even embarking on any burn fat program. In this article, I will detail the reasons and how to detox your body to help you burn belly fat naturally and easily. There are 3 variables which determines fat burn and hence weight loss. These are Amount and type of calories consumed can be controlled by our choice of diets while calories expended is dependent on our lifestyle, whether sedentary (which burns about 2000 calories on average just to support our bodily functions) or an active lifestyle which can help us burn an additional 600-1000 calories through 1-3 hours of exercise. It is only metabolism, the rate of burn that can be increased many different ways and the amount of fat burn usually depends on how much we can boost our metabolism. One of the ways is to detox our bodies regularly because over the course of our daily life, our bodies would have accumulated quite a bit of toxins, which would actually impairs our bodily functions and hence our metabolism. Hence, i would encourage all who are seriously considering embarking on a burn belly fat naturally program, to first go detox to cleanse your body of toxins so as to put your body in the best possible condition to start the program. In fact, with all the health benefits that detox brings besides burning fat, I would advocate everyone to at least go through detox at least, half-yearly, better still, if you could do it quarterly. So, how do we go about detoxing our bodies. It is pretty simple to follow, it only requires determination and a strong will to make some minor diet change. Detox diets typically last between 5-10 days. The favourite detox for me is the Chia Fresca. Chia Fresca can be in various combinations of fruits, with the main component being the chia seed. My version is the Chia seed in fresh young coconut water, with lemon juice and fresh pineapple chunks. The benefits of this combination is detailed as below : In fact the chia fresca is so beneficial, i would advise that you take it after your every workout, even when you are not on a detox diet. Try it and find out how amazing this drink is in helping you burn belly fat naturally. In conclusion, to burn belly fat naturally, it is good for us to detox our bodies once in a while. The detox diet for me is just on the Chia Fresca throughout the day and fresh salads (without the sauces) for between 5-10 days. One word of caution though, is because of the effects of reduced blood pressure and blood sugar, this may not be suitable for pregnant ladies and people suffering from low blood pressure and sugar. For people with medical conditions, it is best for them to consult their medical practitioners before starting on this. If you would like more tips on how to burn belly fat naturally, click on my signature link below Article Tags: Burn Belly, Chia Fresca, Chia Seed Source: Free Articles from More Tips by Your fats loss Specialist, Mary K Melendez. I have been on this weight loss journey for more than 5 years and here to share with you ways that I have tried and worked for me.